The Mango Story. (It’s a love story, really.) So once upon a time in the far away land of Toronto, the dashing young Mo meets the most charming little lady named Nancy. And guess what? They have been inseparable ever since. But wait, it gets better! Instead of holding hands and walking into the sunset together (so last century), they decide to do it better: Nancy becomes Mo’s Partner in Crime, his Side Kick, his Confidante, and if you ask him he will tell you: “his very best friend in the whole wide world”. (Awww.) But Nancy also happens to be an incredibly talented Visual Artist and Award Winning Photographer with a Visual Arts Degree. And Mo’s not too shabby an Artist himself. It’s better than a (heart) story: it’s an Art (Heart) story! Mo graduates with a business degree and together they decide to conquer the world. But first, they need a name. So one day while the future Mamma + Poppa Mango are mucking about with ideas they write down the letters of their own name and…..... Mo And Nancy GOvindji… do you see it? Magic. But Mo and Nancy have a lot of love to give in this world and so they decide to expand the Mango Family All over North America, with offices in Toronto and Miami. With their four feet and one heartbeat, the two set out to find and foster some of the very BEST talent in all of the lands. And the Mango family lives happily every after; just a few passionate artists who photograph really wonderful moms-to be, newborns, kids, moments, love, laughter and everything that happens in between.